ZIEL Private School is a unique private school in the heart of Zurich, easily reached from the freeway (Autobahn Nordring or Westring) as well as with public transportation.

ZIEL School is special in more than one way: ZIEL stands for "Zentrum für Individuelles und Effektives Lernen" which means "Center for Individual and Effective Learning". This is more than an empty slogan. We provide individually tailored education programs that meet your child at his or her respective level, regardless of age or previous education. By ensuring no basics are skipped in any field, the child progresses quickly and stable, all the way while really understanding what it is studying.

Because of the much higher than average level of individual attention each child gets, ZIEL School is ideally suited for foreign language students with knowledge of basic German. Our teachers all speak English in addition to German.

Calling ZIEL School an international school would however not be correct. ZIEL School will integrate a foreign language student into the Swiss system. Students that will only visit Switzerland for one or two years to then move on to another country with their parents will not find what they need at ZIEL School. Where a family intends to stay in Switzerland for a longer time or even permanently, ZIEL School is the ideal choice.